Kevin Dzobo
Chercheur principal au Centre international de génie génétique et de biotechnologie (ICGEB)

Dr. Kevin Dzobo is a Senior Research Scientist at the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) and a Lecturer in Department of Integrative BioMedical Sciences, Faculty of Health, University of Cape Town.

Kevin’s research focusses on regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, tumor microenvironment, tumor heterogeneity and chemoresistance. Kevin aim to decipher the fundamental regulatory networks involved in embryonic and mesenchymal stem cell fate decisions and to apply this knowledge to novel strategies in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. He applies principles from biochemistry, molecular genetics, experimental cell biophysics, advanced microscopy, gene targeting and organoid culture to understand how cells coordinate their morphogenesis and cell fate decisions. Kevin is leading an inter-university study on the development of a ‘stem cell-ECM, patch, important for the advancement of transplantation and regenerative medicine. A key objective of his research is also to identify quantitative tumor biomarkers for precision medicine on esophageal and breast cancer, through innovative research on cancer stem cells and tumor heterogeneity.

Session 1:  NEF Spotlight Session

Session 2: The Future of Health: Preventing and Diagnosing Disease

Date:  28 March 2018

Time:  13:30-14:45