Komminist Weldermariam
IBM-Research Africa, Kenya

Dr. Komminist Weldemariam is a Master Inventor, leader, and technologist with strong experience in intelligent software systems, analytics, mobile apps and technologies, and industrial research. He is a digital transformer with a demonstrated ability to transform the IT industry around public sector and businesses.

As an inspiring leader with exceptional ability to help others understand deeply technical topics and how they will help drive significant innovation for the future, Kommy manages a world-class team that consists of software engineers, designers, AI/data scientists, engineers, and researchers. Kommy leads technical client engagements and drives innovation strategies for emerging markets. He has published more than 65 scientific articles and filed more than 70 inventions. Kommy is a Fellow of the Next Einstein Forum (NEF’16) and was honored as an Emerging Young Scientist by the World Economic Forum 2015/2016.

Session: Opportunities for Blockchain Technologies in addressing Africa’s challenges

Date: 27 March 2018

Time: 12:45 - 14:00